Sichuan Ancient Towns II, China - Pingle, Huanglongxi

The history of Sichuan old towns in China can be dated back to almost 3,000 years ago, and almost all of them, has a history of at least 1,500 years. The Pingle old town (平乐古镇), already as a history of trade and prosper in the West Han dynasty, 150 B.C.. The descendents from the era of the Three Kingdoms (Shu-Dynasty) are still living in the town today.

Some people do ask me similar questions, "why are my pictures from the Sichuan towns are mostly cloudy and rainy?". I believe it is the most truthful and artistic way to represent the damp atmosphere of the local lives in such a weather with more than 200 days of rain a year. The best moments for sensational pictures are the split seconds when the sun shines through the rainy clouds.

Places: Pingle Old Town (平乐古镇), Huanglongxi Ancient Town (黄龙溪古镇)

All pictures captured on the Hasselblad 500C/M camera, Carl Zeiss Planar and Distagon lenses, Kodak Ektar 100 and Ektachrome E100VS films, some on Leica Summicron-R lenses. Colour Profile: ProPhoto RGB, Adobe RGB 16-bit.