The Legendale Hotel and China World Hotel, Beijing

  Updated on 2023-03-04 Beijing, China

The Legendale Hotel is a stunning five star hotel of French Neoclassism architectural style located at the heart of Beijing, built by a Macau entrepreneur in 2008.

The China World Hotel Shangri-la is one of the earliest 5-star hotels built in town in quintessential Oriental style, soon after the opening up of the country since more than 30 years ago.

These magnificant interiors with plenty of details are fantastic places for immense creativity with ultra-wide-angle lenses. Converging lines with ultra-wide-angle lenses punches background subjects into vanishing points, leading viewers' attention into scale of the artworks of these architecture with a magnified depth of space.

All captured with the Vivo X60 Pro+. Colour Profile: Display P3.

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