Industry-Leading Technologies Powering this Website

Published on 2021-08-10 Updated on 2024-01-18 Reading Time: 5 mins

In short:

It is an enterprise class fully responsive modern content management system with sophisticated features and full-stack Java for Enterprise technologies running on future-proof top-tier platforms tuned to be lightning fast on IPv6-capable networks in full compliance with industry standards.

Lightning fast load time: < 50-200 milliseconds

Test your IPv6 here

In details:

This CMS system was designed from scratch with carefully planned and tested architecture, before the first line of code was written. It runs on full enterprise technologies with a long-term product lifecycle. It is designed to be vertically and horizontally scalable, SaaS ready, with application supported sharding and clustering from persistence schema-level to compute and view layers, in full compliance and compatibility with J2EE 8 technology specifications. Therefore, the system is future-proof and could easily be massively scaled-out in clustered deployments. Static content is served through carefully profiled globally distributed CDN networks by originating IP addresses, which works at almost every corner of the globe. Pages are benchmarked to be served within milliseconds on average in most regions including China, with fastest initial full page load times under 200 milliseconds, and subsequent page loads in under 50 ms being observed.

No packaged installations have been deployed to ensure highest performance with full native hardware acceleration and stringent security levels.

It is indeed an extremely small site with minimal transactions, with such technology is truly overkill. However, I decided to take this approach as a technology showcase.

Key Platform Specifications

Application Server

Payara Glassfish 5 (Formerly Sun and Oracle) on JDK 8  

Fully compatible and deployment ready with Oracle WebLogic 12c and 14c with proprietary deployment descriptors and custom server modules.

Data Persistence

MySQL Server 8 with multiple storage engines  
(Custom-built, linked with mimalloc, all compiled with native processor instruction sets with SSE4.2, AVX2, FMA, AES, CMOV)

Schemas and procedures fully compatible with PostgreSQL.

JPAOracle TopLink on EclipseLink
Web TierNginx as reverse proxy and static content web servers.
(Custom-built, linked with mimalloc, all compiled with native processor instruction sets with SSE4.2, AVX2, FMA, AES, CMOV)
Single-Instance Benchmark on AMD EPYC, 3 cores: > 15,000 RPS
PlatformFull J2EE 8 (Java for Enterprise Edition)
J2EE FeaturesJPA 2.2, JAAC Authentication, JSF 2.3, Custom JMX Application Performance Metrics Monitoring
JVMHotspot JDK1.8 (Carefully profiled HEAP allocations and garbage collections)
Built and Profiled on

Apache Netbeans 11 - 16 , Sun / Oracle Netbeans 8.2

Oracle JDeveloper Studio 12c

Other Libraries

Java Advanced Imaging API with custom performance and quality enhancement modules, on JNI for hardware acceleration.

PrimeFaces 11 for CMS portal (heavily customised and stripped)

Adobe XMP Core Library

Apache Commons Imaging for image meta data, ICC colour profiles retrieval and conversion.

Browser-based client libraries: JQuery, JQuery-UI, Fontawesome, Flickity, Lightgallery JS, Fully customised TinyMCE

ComplianceStrictly W3C Compliant, Strict DTD for XHTML and HTML 4.
Security and Protocols

HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2.0, HTTP/3 QUIC

TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2, TLS 1.3, SSL 2.0

Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC, asymmetric key exchange), RSA 2048, AES 256 GCM

System frontend has been optimised to be almost dependency-free for performance and full-range browser and device compatibility.

This website is mobile device optimised.

The site fully supports the HTTP/2 protocol for performance enhancement, secured with fast ECC based TLS with full RSA SSL/TLS compatibility (Dual SSL/TLS). HTTP/3 QUIC protocol is now fully operational.

This site runs on secure HTTPS only, insecure requests are redirected with a HTTP 301. Unfortunately, protocol translations between HTTP and HTTPS is still not available on Nginx and Apache, still, at the era of 2021, in contrast to the renowned Sun iPlanet Webserver, which I still believe, has been leading for decades.

This site is running on fully IPv6 network stack. Click here to test your IPv6 connectivity. If you cannot reach this site with the link, you are on traditional IPv4 only.